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Application of Fluxes for Aluminum Alloys


What is the role of aluminum alloy flux? Now SATA will introduce it in detail for you.

1. The principle of fluxes for aluminum alloys

The effect of high-efficiency fluxes for aluminum alloys is very good. It is mainly to remove the hydrogen and floating oxidized slag in the molten aluminum to make the molten aluminum more pure, and it also has the function of removing slag.

The principle is that some components of aluminum alloy flux are easy to decompose at high temperature, the generated gas reacts with hydrogen, and can also strongly adsorb slag, which can play a certain role in slag removal.

2. The application of fluxes for aluminum alloys

Fluxes for aluminum alloys can be used for a variety of aluminum alloys, and alloys with relatively high magnesium content and aluminum-magnesium alloys cannot be used if unexpectedly. It can be used for pure aluminum smelting for refining and slag removal.

When using it, you only need to sprinkle the aluminum alloy flux on the surface, and then it will quickly dissolve in the aluminum liquid, and then fully stir it. It is better to use inert gases, such as nitrogen and argon, to spray through the injector.

Pay special attention to spraying. At the beginning, the air must be turned on and then the powder will be supplied. At the end, the powder must be cut off before the air is stopped. This is to prevent the aluminum alloy flux from clogging the nozzle. If you find dampness or lumps, just open the package and dry it in the sun to continue using it.

It is necessary to add enough aluminum alloy flux on the surface of the molten aluminum, so that the surface of the molten aluminum can be evenly covered and protect the molten aluminum from being oxidized by air. The added amount needs to be added according to the proportion.