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Analysis of Industrial and Edible Magnesium Chloride


The difference between industrial grade magnesium chloride and food grade magnesium chloride is not just one for industry and the other for food industry. Their differences are still in production.

1. Low requirements for the preparation of magnesium chloride for industry use

Magnesium chloride for industry use does not have such high requirements for magnesium chloride, and food-grade magnesium chloride must be strictly required. Food-grade magnesium chloride is ultimately used in food, so food-grade magnesium chloride needs to remove all harmful elements to ensure qualified quality.

2. Preparation method of industrial grade magnesium chloride and food grade magnesium chloride

Generally, industrial-grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate is mostly produced by transpiration and purification of seawater, salt lake and salt well water. These resources are abundant and inexpensive, and some industrial by-products are also produced by purification. It can also be obtained by refining magnesium ore to obtain magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate and reacting with hydrochloric acid.

For example, the dehydration methods used to prepare anhydrous magnesium chloride are: (1) hydrogen chloride dehydration method; (2) formation of double salt dehydration method; (3) formation of complex dehydration method.

Food-grade magnesium chloride is refined from natural seawater magnesium chloride, and the main content is above 98%. Without any harmful elements, the production is carried out in closed equipment, and the process is pollution-free. The color is bright, and its appearance is higher than that of other raw materials of magnesium chloride.

3. The specification of magnesium chloride for industry use and food grade magnesium chloride

The prepared industrial-grade magnesium chloride meets the specifications of industrial magnesium chloride, and the food-grade magnesium chloride meets the specifications of food-grade magnesium chloride. This is also the difference between industrial magnesium chloride and food grade magnesium chloride.