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Aluminslag Removing Flux has Different Effects with Different Forging Methods


The foundry process of modern machinery manufacturing industry produces the blank with low cost. It can show the economy of the parts with complex shape, especially the parts with a complex inner cavity. At the same time, it has wide adaptability and good comprehensive mechanical properties. However, the materials and equipment needed for foundry production (such as the metallurgical furnace, sand mixer, moulding machine, core-making machine, sandblasting machine, shot blasting machine, cast iron plate, etc.) are more, and dust, harmful gases and noise will be produced to pollute the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to use aluminum slag removing flux for cleaning.

Jinzhou Shida Solvent uses foreign production technology of aluminium slag removing flux and uses self-developed medium temperature micro-expansion furnace and hot material cold shock process to ensure slag removal performance while greatly reducing dust. Aluminslag removing flux has been in short supply since it was put into the market. It has been exported to Korea, India, Taiwan, and other countries and regions.

In the process of smelting, due to improper mixing or charging and excessive decarbonization, sometimes the carbon content in steel does not meet the requirement of the top stage. Carbon should be added to the molten steel at this time. Commonly used carburizing agents are carburizing pig iron, electrode powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder, and coke powder. Petroleum coke with few impurities is used as a carburizing agent in converter smelting medium and high carbon steel. The requirement for top-blown converter carburizer is high fixed carbon, low ash, volatile matter and impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen, and dry, clean and moderate particle size.