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Alumina Foam Ceramic Filter Thickness Selection


Alumina ceramic foam filter is a kind of porous material, which has a three-dimensional network structure and high porosity characteristics. Its function is to make the turbulent and tumbling molten metal become stable, uniform, and clean after passing through the foam ceramic honeycomb holes, thereby greatly reducing the casting waste rate caused by casting defects such as non-metallic inclusions and saving production costs.

Selection of the thickness of the alumina ceramic foam filter:

In order to make the alumina ceramic foam filter give full play to the filtering effect and improve the impact resistance of high-temperature-resistant metals, a certain thickness must be ensured when choosing the alumina ceramic foam filter, otherwise, it may make the filter melt through.

1. For small castings of aluminum alloy and other light alloys, you can choose alumina foam ceramic filters whose thickness is less than 15mm, and for large castings of non-ferrous alloys, you should choose alumina foam ceramic filters of 20-25 mm;

2. For cast iron parts, 22 mm alumina foam ceramic filters are generally used, and for cast steel parts, the thickness of alumina foam ceramic filters more than 25 mm is generally used.

3. Although the alumina foam ceramic filter has a good filtering effect and does not pollute the metal alloy if the selection is not appropriate, it will not only not have the proper filtering effect, but will have a negative impact on production. If the alumina ceramic foam filter is melted through, it will artificially cause slag and cause the product to be scrapped.