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Advantages and Economic Benefits of Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride in Magnesite Industry


The following is an introduction to the advantages and economic benefits of magnesium chloride anhydrous in the magnesite industry. magnesium chloride anhydrous is another manifestation of magnesium chloride products. It has particularly significant advantages and economic benefits in the magnesite industry. Here are some specific introductions about this advantage:

1. The demoulding period of magnesium chloride anhydrous can significantly shorten its production cycle, especially in winter, which can improve the early strength of the product;

2. The strength of magnesium chloride anhydrous is high. The products produced by the same magnesium chloride powder and magnesium chloride anhydrous are 15-20% higher than halogen flakes;

3. Magnesium chloride anhydrous is not easy to return halogen, and the 10,000 graded impurity ions make it easier to control return halogen;

4. Magnesium chloride anhydrous has significant economic benefits, and the use of magnesium chloride anhydrous has more obvious economic benefits than other products;

5. The transportation cost of magnesium chloride anhydrous is relatively low.

The above are the advantages and economic benefits of magnesium chloride anhydrous in the magnesite industry, which cannot be surpassed by other products.

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