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Advantages and Applications of High Magnesium Refining Flux Products


Applications of High Magnesium Refining Flux Products:

High magnesium refining flux is white (slightly gray) powder-like fine particles, and the main components are chloride and fluoride salts, and other compounds. After appropriate heating treatment and screening out, the particle size is uniform, which is conducive for refining tank under the action of carrier gas (N2 or Ar) to uniformly enter into the lower layer of aluminium liquid, through physical and chemical changes in liquid aluminium to form numerous small bubbles in full contact with liquid aluminium, separating [H] and other harmful gases in the aluminium liquid; at the same time, some substances contained in the refining flux can strongly adsorb, melt oxides and suspended substances in the melt and adhere to the bubbles together, and bring them to the surface of aluminium liquid with the rising of bubbles, so as to achieve the purpose of refining purification such as degassing and slag removal; it is environmentally friendly and economical, and meets the production with high added value, aviation with high technical performance, and aluminium alloys of the precision casting. sSuch as: computer hard disk, micron aluminium foil wool, PS plate base for printing, canning material, fan blade of jet turbine engine and other products casting.

The advantages of high magnesium refining flux products are as follows:

The high magnesium refining flux adopts the principle of metal liquefied compound combination to develop and configure products, which can reduce smoke, reduce burning loss and be environmentally friendly and economical.

The high magnesium refining flux solves the problem of excessive amount of traditional refining agent and wrong points of the high amount of aluminium ash. The high magnesium refining agent uses 1.5-2.0 kg per ton of aluminium and discharges 0.8-1% of aluminium ash. It also meets the casting requirement of high precision aluminium alloy, effectively increasing the yield of metal liquid by 0.6-0.8%, and achieving the purpose of saving energy. The high magnesium refining flux has been properly heated and screened out, having the uniform particle size, which is conducive to the refining tank in the role of carrier gas (N2 or Ar) for entering into the lower layer of liquid aluminium work evenly, fully solving the traditional plugging and failure to evenly disperse that is not conducive to ensure casting quality and other issues.