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General Introduction:

  • Chemical Formula : Na2SiF6
  •  UN NO.: 2674
  •  CAS NO.:16893-85-9
  •  Off white crystalline powder
  •  Solubility: Soluble in water up to 1.45g/100ML at 100℃ but it is insoluble in alcohol



 In metallurgical applications such as foundry additives for aluminum foundry, cover flux, Si addition to aluminum, filler for bonded abrasives.


It's used in the manufacture of acid-resisting cement,flotation agent,ceramic glaze glass,an opacifier of ritrous-enamels,and for preparing other fluoides.It's also used in wood preservative,insecticide,water treatment,leather tanning(cracking prevention) and foam rubber.

25kg/50kg/super bag or according to customer's requirements.

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