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Recovery Flux
Recovery Flux
Mainly used for primary aluminium ,aluminium alloy and secondary aluminium. It can be used for remove the floating dross on the surface of the molten aluminium, and can absorb slag near the surface layer.as well as for recovery the dross.

  • Increase the surface tension of the molten aluminium and dross. promotes separation of the dross with the melt. get the powder dross which are loose and easy to remove.
  • With good exothermic effection. applied for inside and outside of furnace.
  • Inside Furnace: Sprinkle the flux on the surface of the dross evenly, gently slap and stir the dross for 3-5minitues and remove the slag.
  • Outside Furnace: throw the dross evenly on the dross which get out from the
  • furnace, and then recovery the dross.
  • Using recovery dross equipment. First put small quantity R1 flux into the equipment. And then pour the quanity of the flux when the hot dross put into the equipment. Start the euqipment.

Recovery Flux








Na salt, K salt &

other chemicals

Na free,Suitable for 5xx series alloy

Na salt, K salt &

other chemicals

Na salt, K salt &

other chemicals


Slight exothermic

Medium exothermic

Strong exothermic

Applied Range

Primary Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy &Secondary Aluminium


Inside the furnace & outside the furnace

Inside the furnace &

outside the furnace

Outside the furnace

Applied Range

Primary &secondary Al and Al-alloy


Primary &Wrought Al and Al-alloy: 0.1%/MT

Casting Al and Al-alloy: 0.3%/MT

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