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General Introduction:
Molecular Formula: KALF4 /K3ALF6
CAS NO.:13775-52-5
It is an inorganic compound. PAF is also known as: Potassium Cryolite, Potassium Tetrafluoraluminate, Kalium Aluminum Fluoride, KAlF, KAlF4/K3AlF6

This compound is used as flux in the smelting of secondary aluminium, to reduce or remove the magnesium content of the melt or to maximize metal recovery, additives for the metals industry as a fluxing agent to accelerate dispersion after addition.As welding flux in aluminium alloy and stainless steel,a degaser and an auxiliary solvent in aluminium alloy fabrication,also used as active filler for glass,ceramic and friction compound.It is also used as an insecticide.
The main environmental issue that arises from using PAF is the production of fluoride gases. Calciumhydroxide is widely used to suppress the fluorides produced but in most cases fails to remove it sufficiently.
The product is supplied in lumps or as powder of specified grain size

25kgs/ 50kgs/ super bags or according to client's requirements

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