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N-series Flux
N-series Flux

General Introduction:
The main components of N-series Granular Fused Fluxes are Chloride and Fluoride salts with other salts and
compounds. Then mixed dry raw materials together and fused or melted into a liquid state in a high temperature
furnace. After fusing completed the flux are cooled and they are crushed or ground into

It has Good effect in Removing non-metallic inclusions, hydrogen, sodium, calcium and lithium from liquid aluminium
and aluminium alloy.
Enhances degassing when injected flux with Argon or Nitrogen.
By means of flux injection Machine gives the highest refining efficiency.
Application for pure aluminium and aluminium alloy refining and degassing slag, it can protect and clean molten aluminium.
It doesn't apply to magnesium content≥2% Al-Mg alloy.

  • Eco-friendly flux that reduce dust levels, meet the emission limits of most environmental regulatory agencies
  • Uniform size, reacts fully. Purify the melt improve melt quality
  • Effectively remove the aluminium slag and hydrogen, performance excellent on refining and drossing.
  • Addition and stirring of flux by means of flux feeder (with Nitrogen or Argon) gives the highest refining efficiency.
  • In the meanwhile, oxide inclusions can be separated from the melt, and generated dry slag(white dross),reduce metal loss.
  • Less dosage, high effectiveness, save cost for customer refining and degassing slag, it can protect and clean molten aluminium.
  • After refining, the content of mg will reduce to 0.1% max.

2.0kg or 2.5kg or 5kg heat sealed polyethylene (PE) bags into 20 or 25kgs bags or cartons with or without pallet
Special packing may be offered on request

Storage & Shelf Life:
It has shelf life of 12 months if stored in normal temperature and closed shaded dry area in undamaged original packing.
Care should be taken to prevent moisture pick‐up during storage of flux especially after package have been opened.

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