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Mg Remover Flux
Mg Remover Flux
General Introduction:
Magnesium plays a very important part in producing the required physical properties of many aluminium alloys, its presence in others is not required at all or must be held to a very low percentage. LM-6 may be cited as an alloy in which the presence of magnesium is not required at all although a maximum of 0.1% is allowable as an impurity.
Magnesium Remover Flux provides a convenient and effective means of removing small amounts of unwanted magnesium from aluminium and its alloys.
By means of injection machine, injected with Nitrogen, the magnesium remover flux is action with the mg in al-alloy, the reactants floated onto the surface of the al-alloy melt.  It also excites a degassing and cleansing action on the melt.

Advantages :

  • Aluminium alloys contaminated with Magnesium can quickly and economically be brought to the required
  • specification
  • Improved Al-alloy mechanical properties
  • A fine grain structure in aluminium alloys can be achieved.
  • Few dosage can achieve high efficiency with our Mg-remover flux. less smoke.

Using instructions:
  • Its better to inject mg remover flux in two steps. First 50% .after skimming slag. Then the rest 50% inject in.
  • Before injection, the melt temperature should be above 720℃, turn off the lance.
  • During the injection, let the mg remove flux contacted fully with the melt.
  • After injection, heating on. To make the temperature between 720-740℃
  • Time: 8-15 minutes (6MT-20MT furnace),adjust the time according to the furnace capacity
  • The pressure of Nitrogen: 1.2-1.8kg/m3



Chemical Compositions

Chlorine, Fluoride and others

Chlorine, Fluoride and others


Mg remover in furnace

Mg remover in furnace


By using 6-7kgs remover 1kgs Mg

By using 6-7kgs remover 1kgs Mg




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